A pontivy (5 to 6 km)


Le boeuf qui fume

Al Dente

Le carpaccio

Hyacinthe et Robert

Le Bœuf qui fume, warm and friendly team, traditional cuisine that lives up to its name.

Al Dente, sober, refined cuisine in a small, cocooned space.

Le Carpaccio, pizzeria, bistronomic and Italian cuisine with a welcoming and efficient staff.

Hyacinthe et Robert, refined cuisine, and splendid setting in a former garage.

Saint-Connec 15km


Le Caradoc

Le Caradoc, at J.P.’s, a wine lover who offers traditional gourmet cuisine always surprisingly combined with wines that only J.P. can find for you. Remarkable cave

Mûr de Bretagne 12 km


Auberge Grand Maison (1 étoile)

Auberge Grand Maison (1 star), chef Le Fur has had a well-deserved reputation for many years. Refined, succulent cuisine. A dynamic and loyal team.